Lost time

by RamRom



RamRom's first english album.

Primer álbum en inglés de RamRom.


released June 5, 2017




RamRom Tarragona, Spain

RamRom es Ramón Romeu, su proyecto en solitario. Es un nombre más corto y tiene una relación directa con su otra pasión, la informática. Probablemente es poco artístico, suena raro y no es muy comercial, cosa que no le preocupa en absoluto.
RamRom compone la música y la letra de todos sus temas en solitario sin ayuda de ningún otro músico. También graba, mezcla y produce él mismo en su EsCaPe.
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Track Name: Information
Is just one more day full of information.
They are not just words, the world is in regression.
There is no good news for the next generations.
We do not feel no pain, a strange sensation

Comedy and tragedy always flying over me.
Mystery, misery, only shadows in front of me.
On TV they always say: listen to me, look at me
And I do not think this is the best thing for you and me

The world is crying and praying for this situation
In the streets, at work, this conversation
Everyday play lies and try temptation
Everything is said, they have the information
Track Name: Angel
Angel, you left on a rainy day.
Angel, you left me alone.

Tell me. Tell me why you set sail.
My angel, go back home.

I'm very tired of always waiting
My heart is broken since your break
My life is worthless without you
I'm always crying night and day

Angel, if you wanted to hear me
I'm sure you would love me again

Look at me. I'm on my knees for you
Hear me. I only have you
Track Name: You don't know to say no
She waits in the silence behind the corner
His footsteps left no trace

Did not want to be seen always crying
could no more contain their tears

You don't know to say no

You know there something to do for someone
You live thinking in to others
But you forget yourself you forget to live as well your life
Everything will come back to you someday

You don't know to say no

So many looks you do not want to see
So many words stay to be said
How many minutes of silence for me?
How many moments do we have left to live?
Track Name: Now stop
Don't you realize what's happening around you now?
You do not see that everything is worse times faraway?

We need more kisses. More for everyone
Mother, don't ever forget to me love

Yes. Yes i can.
If you can change your mind
Yes. you i can.
you can see with my eyes

Stop, do not walk any more
Without know where you are going
Stop, do not anything
Without knowing why

Romantic words i have in my head
They leave without sound by my mouth
Romantic words of hope for you
I wish you could hear them one day
Track Name: Crazy
Crazy i'm very crazy
Weak and strong together
maybe you are right
but I liked it too much

not have logic
not feel love
I am toxic
I am void

crazy, very silly.
booby, very fool.
I'm lazy, too much lazy
Maybe change someday

You know the just of me.
You know some else
Track Name: Don't let me down
Nothing is so good and nothing is so bad
There's always time to say goodbye

Never looking back, Never looking bad
It's never too late to live again

Not now. Don't let me down
Do not regress.

Life can be so real or just be a dream
But you have to live it every day

If you do not do anything, do not tell me stories.
Then you'll be ill for everything

Time is over, close your eyes.
If you remember, you never die.
Now it's closer, do not fear for me.
You know that one day we will born again

The cold is inside of me. Nothing you can do.
The fire is off. It will never come back.
Now I discover a light within me
There is still hope, an opportunity
Track Name: Felling
now make me feeling
now take me home

Now can't you're leaving
I'm getting hot

It's so amazing, it's almost unreal, it's like having the big dream.
It's like starting over, you're my lover.Something magic around me

Now I'm sure fully
So I stop look

I like you alot
I'm getting hot

Love in you. Love in me
Track Name: The wall of time
We walked together now to a distant and unknown place
Where they will ask us many things about our life

Time is up, nothing matters what you say
Close your eyes and let yourself go
Look around, no one by your side
It's a trip you must do alone

What you did in the past is an old story
Now is the time to look into the depths of your eyes

Is the wall of time.
Where children write until they are older.
It's such a high wall, it's impossible to avoid
It is always there. Forever
Track Name: Long time ago
Long time ago
One girl one boy,
They cross the street
Holding your hands

All the people were watching us
As if there was no one else

Time stops when you pass
The silence wins the noise

Please don't go to leave me
Track Name: Lost time
Lost time. Where were you hiding?
Lost time. It's the moments without you.
Lost time. Without knowing about you
Lost time. So close and yet so far

The clock of life will stop once and never walk again

Lost time. Pushing nonsense days
Lost time. Why do not we feel it?
Lost time. Each one is his way
Lost time. Now finally found